Dost Education - Breaking the cycle of illiteracy by empowering parents

Y Combinator launched 52 Startups on Y Combinator w7 Demo Day 1. In which a notifiable startup took place which is Dost Education.

There are 150 million illiterate women in India who have trouble educating their children, leading to a cycle of illiteracy. Dost is a non-profit where people sign up to get regular audio calls that instruct them how to teach their kids in preparation for kindergarten. These lessons are simple for parents to understand and share with kids, which has led to 3X more home education by its users and a 0.5-grade level increase for their children. Dost costs parents $0.91 a month, so the non-profit is sustainable, and now it just needs startup capital to build out its lesson plan and infrastructure.

Dost is an elegant evidence based approach that empowers parents to provide effective early learning experiences for their children.

Simple, inexpensive evidence-based approach to foster parental engagement in their child’s development. 
The curriculum is developed by experts and adapted for usability by the mothers.

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This Sort of Innovative and Helpful startups must be welcomed and also should be supported for the welfare of the beneficiaries.
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