Samsung Galaxy Core 2014 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Core defines peak performance among smart phones.

It is an efficient and fast cell phone equipped with a 1 GHZ dual processor. When such qualities are combined with the state of the art Tm Jelly Bean Operating System, the phone becomes an efficient device with optimal performance.

Multitasking Capacity


The most notable quality of the added features is the ability of the phone to multitask without hanging or slowing down. Switch from task to task in a seamless and slick manner. It does not matter how intense or heavily coded the application is, for as long as it is on the Samsung Galaxy Core, it is good to go. Your surfing experience has never been better on a smart phone. Moreover, you have an opportunity to view your videos on a sizeable screen measuring almost 11 centimeters in length.

The Battery

The phone battery supports an extended talk time duration and multimedia usage. The 1,800 mAh battery offers you the unequaled power to perform your tasks without worrying about the possibility of the phone going off on you. Battery life is a significant feature of any mobile phone. Smart phones are known to exhaust their batteries within short durations of time. Samsung galaxy core is one of the few smart phones that can confidently lay claim to longer battery life despite the many applications it supports.



The phone comes with intuitive controls that make your experience pleasurable, to say the least. Some of the features that the phone comes with are the latest technological developments in the industry. For instance, the Samsung galaxy screen notices your stare. It cannot go on standby for as long as you are looking at it. The feature which has come to be known as the smart stay feature is definitely a technological innovation that turns every smart phone enthusiast’s head. The phone is not done with its smart features yet.

Personal Organizer Other Functionalities

You can practically take it easy when it comes to such matters as missed phone calls and schedules. The phone automatically alerts you of the meetings you are scheduled for, the calls you missed and the programs you need to attend, once you lay your hand on it, let alone look. The alert system makes the phone the perfect choice for business executives and time conscious individuals in any market segment. It is simply a proactive organizer who charges you no fees for the PA job. The motion UX feature allows you to simply shake the phone for updates. You are also privy to the privileges of a dual SIM phone. The two lines can be left on for as long as you wish. You can also receive calls on both lines. Simply put either SIM card on hold and conduct your business normally. Resume when you are through with one or simply interchange conversation as it suits you.

The Comparative Pricing Regimes


The price of Samsung Galaxy Core is a bargain when you look at the features the phone affords you. Samsung electronics has not spared any resources to make sure that as a Samsung galaxy user you are given the best in the world of technology. Other smart phones in the same league on the basis of smart phones can only speculate about their increase in pricing. However, if you sat the management what exactly influences their pricing, they may hardly give a straight answer. It is possible that other brands that consider themselves Samsung galaxy’s matches only use the Samsung Galaxy Core price as a yardstick.




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