LG's G Flex -heals itself when it is scratched (video added)

Self healing mobile

LG's new smartphone, came to known as 'G Flex' has got a newest technology known as Self Heal through which it can heal itself after cut by a knife. Originally, a report by Hdnesstech tells that this phone comes with a different self healing flexible material which makes this phone flexible and gives a self healing power, just like the Wolverine.


This phone doesn't heals it completely but makes it heal enough so as it can't be visible by naked eyes. Through LG's promotional clip was filmed in a controlled temperature environment with the thermostat set to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and he believes the coating isn't as effective in cooler climates. While it might not work exactly as advertised, LG's new coating looks to be a pretty big step forward for the everyday durability of our phones.

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