'Speed' up your PC

Increase your systems 'starting speed'

Starting time or booting time of your pc is too high dont worry do this following steps...

    Goto start -> Run -> type msconfig -> select Startup
  • In the,start up uncheck the devices which u dont want to start when your pc starts.
  • And click ok to save.
    This will increase your systems booting speed.
  • You can also the following steps to increase your pc's speed

    Huge bunking of temporary files inside your will also decrease its performance....

    Do the following steps to remove Temporary files,

        Goto start -> Run -> type %temp%
  • All your temporary files will open now !!!
  • Delete the temporary files which you don't need.
  • Use Anti-Spyware to maintain performance of your pc.
  • (note:Anti-virus is different from Anti-spyware)
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