12 unheared Operating Systems


OpenSUSE is a free and Linux based operating system developed by openSUSE project. You can install openSUSE on Pc, laptop and Server. openSUSE Operating system allows you to browse on net, you can play music and videos.


MonaOS( MicroKernel Opearating System with Network Suite Architecture) is a small-simple and well structured operating system. MonaOS is written in C++ programming language. MonaOS is designed for school children to learn about Operating system and for programming. MonaOS is free operating system and open source OS. You can download MonaOS @ www.monaos.org


Haiku is a free and open source operating system. It is written in C++ programming lanugage. The latest version of Haiku operating system was released in November 2012. Haiku is aimed at Personal computing, fast, efficient and it is user friendly operating system.

Plan 9

Plan 9 is free & open source operating system by Bell Labs. It is developed for research purpose for programmers. Plan 9 OS is mainly designed by Ken Thomson and Rob Pike. Plan 9 is written in ANSI C. This is the first OS with UTF Unicode Character Set Coding. The last edition of Plan 9 was released in 2002.


Visopsys (Visual Operating System) is also free & open source. Visopsys is written in C and x86 Assembly language. Visopsys is fast, multitasking and Graphical user interface. The great thing about Visopsys is developed by a single programmer (Andy McLaughlin).

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